The African Supercomputing Center (ASCC) is a new entity in the Univervisty Mohamed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) aimed at providing HPC services to the research community in Morocco and the African continent.

Delivered through a partnership involving experts from the Univsersity of Cambridge, Dell Technologies and Intel, the ASCC is in the process of launching the largest HPC in the African Continent.

This cutting-edge platform, based on the latest technologies in the HPC world, can deliver a performance of 3.15 PF, which is by far the highest in Africa.

The ASCC wants for these resources to be open to African researchers, academics and entrepreneurs, with promising projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Genomics, Food Security, Agriculture and Mining.


The ASCC is home to one of the largest HPC systems in the world

98 th
TOP500 list
3.15 PF
Computing Capacity
8000 TB+
Combined Storage
69000 +
CPU Cores
1300 +


UM6P have a clear and well-developed vision to create a world class Supercomputing Centre with the largest HPC system in Africa, acting as a technological beacon, demonstrating global research leadership.

This platform aims at accelerating research at the University, helping attract and retain world class research staff, building research momentum and inspiring a generation of African students with HPC technology leadership.

This new Supercomputing Centre will project this capability nationally, driving the research discovery process within wider Moroccan research institutes, and also regionally across the wider African continent.

Our vision is to create at UM6P a world class research infrastructure, to solve African research problems in both academia and industry and create the next generation of computational scientists and digital entrepreneurs.

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The Largest Supercomputing Infrastructure in Africa


Toubkal – Poweredge C6420, Crc-stackhpc, Xeon Platnium 8276l 28c 2.2ghz, Mellanox Infiniband Hdr100